Bishops Stortford Barkery

Handmade, Homebaked, Human Grade natural Ingredients used to make Biscuits, Bakes, Puppy Dog Cakes and Deli Delights for Furry Friends

Chief Taster @ The Barkery

CRUZ (Blues)

Age: 9 Hometown: Hoxton, London Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Likes: Apples Dislikes: Having to stand in the cold on Sunday mornings whiles his mummy watches his human brother play football Cruz is a laid back strong and sensible soul, he has a grain and wheat intolerance which means any food containing these ingredients bring on a ear infections. Cruz is careful about eating the right food even though he is surrounded by little people with bad things such as chocolate. Cruz enjoys playing in the park and likes to feel the sun on his back in the summer, he excercise's every day in order to maintain his youthful looks. Fave Barkery Bite: Woofles


Age: 8 Hometown: Abridge, Essex Breed: Springer Spaniel Likes: Swimming Dislikes: Flo is a working gun dog so she likes nothing more than being out in the fields ready to retrieve. Flo is exercised lots and enjoys the 'doggy deli delights' which are 100% Beef, Chicken or Lamb when she is out working during the winter shooting months as they are lean and fit snuggly into her tinder box. In the summer whilst on holiday, Flo keeps herself fit by swimming daily, she is often found to be swimming alongside her humans in the pool. Fave Barkery Bite: CHICKEN CRUNCHIE MUNCHIES


Age: 5, Breed: Cavalier King Charles, Hometown:Purleigh Essex Likes: Walking in Bluebell Wood Dislikes: Being left home Cadbury is adored by his loving humans, he is very active due to accompanying his human mummy in her role training other humans to get fit. Cadbury enjoys the finer things in life and enjoys nothing more than one of the barkery's 'Canine Casseroles' after a hard day of working out.

Ernie (A.K.A. Ewok)

Age: 6 Hometown: South Woodford, London Breed: Lhasa Apso Likes: Biscuits Dislikes: Snow Ernie keeps his retired pawrents fit with daily walks, he is a sociable chap and does like to meet his chums in his local park regularly. Ernie likes all the latest trends and has just acquired a 'Flashing Frisbee' so that he has a toy to retrieve on his night walk. Ernie has a 'foster family' who can't commit to a dog full time so they come and visit him and take him for days out which he looks forward to. Ernie gains weight quickly so enjoys some of our lower carb doggy treats. Fave Barkery Bite: BARKERY BANANA BITES