The Barkery - Opening Soon!


I've got a lot to do this week, I've been giving my opinion on  the recipes for the first batch of Barkery Bites  that will actually be sold. 

I have personally been eating these treats since I moved in with my Pawrents 3 and a half years ago, but the tasting team have their favourite bites too so we are being fair and voting with our jaws and out paws!

Sunday saw that cold white stuff I love to bark at and I ended up covered in the stuff!
A few of those white things that appear with carrots for noses and twigs for arms were already standing in my way when I went out for my walk I'm not sure how they get there or where they actually go as they don't stay for long, I always greet them with a dash and a bark, I love trying to get the twigs that they have stuck in them and sometimes  I leave them a little wee-mail - just to be sociable.

I have overheard my humans discussing my 'hairdoo' which means I am off to that nice lady that cuts my coat and makes me smell nice tomorrow, I am no fan of that thing that makes me wet but I like the warm hairdryer thing afterwords so I don't mind.

I have to have my ear checked and also get some injections on the same day, I think I will be having a nice relaxing woof and brew tea to start off with  when I have my injections my humans put my Karma coat on me which helps with the worry of it all - I'm not keen on that vet place, although I'm told 'everydoggy has to go".

My little shop which has been a dream of my family to do for so long is finally coming humans are working hard to get ready for the opening on Saturday - I've got so tired watching them I am going for a nap! 

Woof Wishes

Jesse X